Vexanium April Highlight

Vexanium April 2020 Highlight – EN

Hi Vex Partners, Vexanium Highlight is here again!

No, it’s not a lie, not a joke, April is really coming to an end.Time flies so fast, even more so because most activities are now carried out at home due to the corona virus pandemic that took place since last March. However, the current conditions do not stop us from working for the better. Instead, this month Vexanium was able to hold several activities such as online courses and campaigns!

Dapps Incentive Program 2020 Phase 2 Winner


Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program phase 2 has ended on March 31st, 2020. Vexanium technical review team has reviewed the submitted smart contracts and gave a rating for each Dapps submitted by developers. Full list of winners can be seen here.

Dapps Incentive Program 2020 Phase 3


Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program is back for Phase 3! This program is live from 13 April until 30 June 2020. There will be a total of 2.000.000 VEX for this phase, with 6 different classes. Full information on how to join and what you should do can be found here.

PPE Donation Movement For Fighting Corona Virus


Vexanium Foundation, the Vexanium community and the Block Producers (BP) invite all of us to reach out and contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by providing appropriate PPE for heroes of health workers in various regions in Indonesia! The concept of this movement is decentralized, so the Vexanium Foundation does not ask for donations in the form of rupiah or other donations.

If you are interested, you can check it here.

Webinar Vexanium x Nodes Community

Vexanium in collaboration with Nodes Community, held a total of 3 Webinars on topics related to Vexanium, blockchain, and practices such as making smart contracts on Vexanium Blockchain. These webinars are still limited to Indonesian viewers because our first goal is to educate Indonesian students and developers about the basics of blockchain and its important for the future.

Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus


This program is carried out by giving votes to Block Producers for a certain period of time. With this program it is expected to be a stimulus to attract new BP and give appreciation to existing BP in Vexanium.

There are currently 21 active BP (block producers) out of a total of 68 block producers on standby to produce blocks on the Vexanium blockchain network. Meanwhile there are around a total of 260,000,000 VEX around 26% of the total votes distributed to BP votes on the Vexanium network.

Vexanium Foundation will provide a stimulus package worth 50,000,000 VEX in the form of votes (the number of votes obtained from the 40% current votes currently and 60% new votes) which will be divided into 3 BP categories. Read full information here.

#eduVEXtion : Smart Contracts

We focused on explaining about smart contracts on this month #eduVEXtion throughout our social media, as it is one of the essentials if we talk about blockchain.

Vexanium wishes you all to be healthy and happy, we know we can get through this! See you in our next monthly highlight, Vex Partners!

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