VEX Coin Circulation Supply Update – April 2021

Last October Vexanium Team just did an update on the circulation supply of VEX coins which had been approved by block producers. In 2021, the Vexanium blockchain has burned VEX coins twice, so that the supply of VEX coins has changed compared to the previous announcement. Block producers from Vexanium have decided to update the … Read moreVEX Coin Circulation Supply Update – April 2021

What is Wordstamp?


As one of the decentralized applications (Dapps) built on the Vexanium blockchain network, Trusti ( continues to expand its realm of work. Now document validation and content protection can be done with Wordstamp. This timestamp plugin allows readers to verify the integrity of each article to protect the authenticity of the content. This plugin works … Read moreWhat is Wordstamp?