September 2022 Highlight

Block Community Yogyakarta 2022 On September 10, Vexanium participated in the “Block Community Yogyakarta” event, one of Indonesia’s largest blockchain education gathering events. In addition to opening the booth, Danny Baskara, Founder of Vexanium, was also present as a speaker at the event. Besides being crowded with blockchain fans, the Yogyakarta Blockchain Community event was …

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Difference between Vex Wallet and Vex Link

Vexanium is an open-source (permissionless) public blockchain protocol and smart contract platform that allows developers (startups, enterprises, and businesses) to create blockchain-based projects. As a third or latest generation blockchain protocol, the Vexanium blockchain network supports DApps (Decentralized Applications), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and many other use cases of blockchain applications. Users can create their DApps …

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