Vexanium May 2020 Highlight – EN

Hi Vex Partners, Vexanium May 2020 Highlight is here!

This month is a very interesting month for all of us, especially in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have lots of news about Bitcoin Halving, the Chinese plan that will have its own national blockchain technology, and also the US reportedly working on a digital dollar project. Then what about the Vexanium blockchain? Let’s look at the activities carried out during this May.

May Update Webinar

May Update Webinar

On May 8, 2020, Vexanium held 2 sessions at with 6 professional speakers who talked about the May Update on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The two sessions discussed “Blockchain Update and Use Case” and “Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Halving”. This webinar was attended by more than 300 participants who had diverse backgrounds, ranging from traders, investors, developers, programmers, students and so on.

Vexanium on Crypto and Blockchain Van Java

Next on Vexanium

Vexanium’s representative, Edward Guustaaf, was one of the speakers at the “Crypto & Blockchain van Java” event on May 14, 2020. As the name suggests, this webinar discusses crypto and blockchain in a more relaxed way. This event is a story sharing event from the point of view of crypto activists and blockchain companies in Indonesia!

Vexanium Indonesia Instagram Official Account

Vexanium already has an Official Instagram Account specifically for Indonesian Vex Partners, @vexaniumindo to update the latest information about Vexanium, in Bahasa Indonesia. This account was created to be able to resolve language barriers in Indonesian society as well as to provide updates made by Vexanium specifically for Indonesian people.

Vex Wallet Android Update Version

On May 22, 2020 there was a development of a version that was done for Vex Wallet. This is done to fix various bugs in Vex Wallet as well as to add features to make this application better than before. The following is a summary of additional features made for Vex Wallet.


  • New Faucet (airdrop lucky draw) for registration of new accounts
  • Maximum Staking Resource CPU / NET
  • New user registration method (VEX account) is easier
Vex Wallet

Vexanium hopes that you are always healthy and happy, we certainly hope that things will get better, especially in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency. See you at the next Highlights!

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