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Hello, blockchain enthusiast especially Vexanium users!

There are currently 21 active BP (block producers) out of a total of 68 block producers who are on standby to produce blocks on the Vexanium blockchain network. Meanwhile, there are around a total of 260,000,000 VEX distributed to vote for BP on the Vexanium network.

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Actually, this is already a fairly large amount, but of course, Vexanium Foundation wants to continue to strive to improve the Vexanium blockchain network ecosystem by increasing the amount of BP and total votes that exist today. The Vexanium network requires additional BP with technical developers and media backgrounds to significantly improve the blockchain governance in this network.

Upon discussion between the Vexanium Foundation and the existing BPs, an idea was created about a program called Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus. This program is carried out by giving votes to BPs for a certain period of time. With this program, it is expected to be a stimulus to attract new BP and give appreciation to existing BPs.

Vexanium Foundation will provide a stimulus package worth 50,000,000 VEX in the form of votes (the number of votes obtained from the 40% current votes currently and 60% new votes) which will be divided into 3 BP categories. Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus has a target to increase the amount of BP currently available and the number of BP voting stakes to 350,000,000 to 400,000,000 votes.

The following is a breakdown of the BP categories in the program that will be run in these 3 months (April – June 2020):

Existing Block Producers – 10,000,000 Votes

Existing Block Producers is an active and standby BP on the current Vexanium blockchain network. In this category, BP will get an additional vote if you have an interesting program to find new BP users to join the Vexanium network. BP is entitled to get 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 votes depending on how attractive the program is made.

Programs can include:

  • Group creation (Telegram or Facebook)
  • Airdrop new voters / new users
  • Tutorial video
  • Tutorial article
  • As well as other activities that can enhance the BP network ecosystem

New Block Producers – 25,000,000 Votes

The new BPs will get 50% of the total votes in this program (for 1 week – 3 months depending on the maximum number of pools that are met for the new BP). For example: if BP has just issued 10,000,000 VEX for BP, the BP will get a maximum of 5,000,000 votes. But if there are 6 new BPs with 10,000,000 VEX (total 60,000,000 votes), then each of these BP will get approximately 4,166,000 votes/BP (because the total pool is 25,000,000 votes).

Technical Developer & Media Block Producers – 15,000,000 Votes

  1. Technical Developers (Dapp developers/blockchain developers) will be given around 5,000,000 – 6,000,000 votes (for 1-3 days to become the top 21) after that there will be about 500,000 – 1,000,000 votes to become standby block producers.
  2. Media: Media will be given votes to be a standby block producers for at least 1 week and will be added more if the media creates a campaign or news about Vexanium.

With Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus, it is expected there will be 350 million votes in a period of 3 months from now. For more information on how to join the program or other questions, you can send an email to or via Telegram with PM (personal message) to @andrevexanium @satpamvexanium or @dannybaskara for new block producers who want to make or install a BP server there is a free 3-month server package (terms and conditions apply).

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