Basic Tutorial Creating Vex Account in Vex Wallet Mobile

Now you can install Vexwallet Mobile from website or Google Play. This is the tutorial on creating Vex Account in Vex Wallet Mobile.

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Vexwallet mobile is Decentralized Wallet where all of your assets and your account is your responsibility, not one party has access other than yourself.

After install VexWallet you can create account, username and password from VexWallet, remember this username and password to open mobile wallet, verify transfer and connect to Decentralized application.

You need to remember and store this password carefully because decentralized wallet do not have forgot password feature.

After create password, the next step is create VexWallet Account ot import Vex Address if you already have Vex Address.

To create VEX Address you need 12 characters (alphabets and numbers) and very small initial cost, Vexanium developer team give free account worth 1 Vex to early users by registering your mobile phone number, after you get verification code, don’t forget to backup your private key, if you want to know more about private key you need to read previous article from Vexanium :

Here is the display of Vexanium mobile wallet, you can see sent and receive menu, also resource to buy memory and Ram, selected wallet is your VexAddress account, you can have more than one VexAddress account in your mobile wallet. In bottom of your wallet you can find DAPP (Decentralized App) and Setting menu.

In the Dapps menu, you can choose Decentralized Apps in Vexanium Blockchain that you want to use, you can also fine featured Dapps here. Some Dapps need Dapp browser to open it.

Until the end of 2019, Vexanium foundation has plans to publish more than 100 Dapps.

When you want to use Dapps, you need to synchronize with you Wallet username

You can type URL address of various Dapp to open any kind of Dapp.

In Dapps menu you can also find Smart Contract Instant VEX CREATOR, you can create instant smart contract in Vexanium without coding, just instant click and pay 5,000 Vex Coin.

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