Basic – How to Create Vexanium Account (VEX Address) on VexWallet (PC Version – Mac & Windows)

As we know that the Vexanium Blockchain applies Free Transactions in sending tokens, but requires a fee for creating an account. Vexanium Account require around 1 to 2 vex per account. We have good news, you will get a free account, where account payments will be supported by Vexanium Foundation, this free account will be shared during the Vexanium promotion period which lasts approximately 1 month or maybe longer, then you can buy a VEX account in the Agent, Dapp, App or other people to help register your account.

Basic Concept of Vexanium Account
There are important basic elements to remember, Wallet Password, Public Key, VEX Account Address, Private Key
The next element is RAM, CPU, NET, BP etc. will be discussed in other discussions

1. Wallet Password (this is the password that protects your PC Wallet), this is an offline password where you can have different types of VEXwallet, because you can have a wallet on Mac, Windows, or some different type or brand. VEX Wallet requires a wallet password, (this wallet password is used to open access and send VEX coins, other tokens or connections with decentralized applications, remember you have to backup your password because in the decentralization feature there is no forgot password feature if you forget your password
2. Public Key is obtained after you install the Wallet and create a password, public key is needed for the next step to create VEX address and register VEX Address on the Vexanium blockchain, remember 1 Public Key can have many VEX Address, Public Key example: “VEXnd8dy73hd38”, remember this public is not your VEX address is the address.
3. Private Key, this Private key is a keyword from your Public Key, and you must back it up because if you uninstall your wallet or lose your wallet then you can backup your private key so that your assets or your Vexanium address.
4. VEX Address (VEX User Address), this Vex Address is obtained by purchasing the VEX account Address (12 letters) using the Public Key that you created earlier, where all VEX shipments or Vexanium network tokens will use this VEXAddress.

How to create VEX Address with PC
Currently, for PC Wallet there are 2 ways to create a Vexanium Account, first, claim user on, both of your accounts are made by someone else, let’s discuss the first method, which is User Wallet Claim

1. Open, click download wallet or open then download PC Wallet

2. Create your Wallet Password. Wallet Password (this is the Password that protects your PC Wallet), this is an Offline Password where you can have various types of VEXwallet, because you can have a wallet on Mac, on windows, or some type of brand wallet VEX, it requires a wallet password.

3. Accept the Term and Condition: this is the Decentralized Wallet so that none of the parties responsible for your assets other than yourself, Vexanium does not store private keys etc.

4. Create your Public Key, remember this public has an initial gateway to connect to the VEX blockchain and create your VEX Address account. For example, the Public Key is “VEXbdwb628hid2h726”, remember this public is not your VEX address.

5. Your public key is “VEXxbsubwjxw72gu3” please copy because the public key is needed to create a VEX account

6. Open to make a free account. Claim, fill in the public key then fill in the 12 characters of your VEX account, then fill in the cellphone number, this cellphone number is needed to verify your account.

7. After that, you can connect or link your account that you have created in the account name.

8. If this one is right, there will be a VEX coin in your account and you are already connected to the Vexanium blockchain.

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