Vexanium June 2020 Highlight

Vexanium June 2020 Highlight – EN

Hi Vex Partners, Vexanium June 2020 Highlight is here!

The current condition that is still being swayed left and right does not stop Vexanium from being able to provide the best for Vex Partners, also blockchain, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world! Here are the activities, updates, and achievements made by Vexanium throughout June!

Blockchain RAM Storage Upgrade

RAM Storage Update

The Vexanium Blockchain have updated its RAM storage from 64 GB to 80 GB. The upgrade has been signed by the majority of BP Vexanium and have been carried out on Saturday, June 6th, 2020.

Vexanium BP Online Meeting

Vexanium held an online meeting with our Block Producers (BPs) on Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, to discuss the plans for Q3 2020.

Block Producers are a decentralized entity (organization) usually consisting of a group, companies or organizations selected through the e-voting blockchain system in the DPoS Consensus that regulates Vexanium blockchain. The BPs are working to produce new blocks in the Vexanium protocol blockchain and verify various transactions that occur on the Vexanium protocol blockchain.

AMA: VEX REX Phase 1

Vexanium also held their AMA session about VEX REX Phase 1: Preparation, on Friday on June 26th 2020. This AMA session was executed on both Vexanium English and Indonesian Telegram Group Channel.

REX itself is the Decentralized Marketplace of “network resources” on the Vexanium blockchain. REX is also a DeFi in leasing resources. VEX REX allowing users to lease their network resources (CPU/NET) to other users for 30 days loan terms. Get dividend from RAM trade, name bid, and CPU/NET lease.

Blockchain Education Video on YouTube

This year, Vexanium is focusing on how to educate people about blockchain technology and raising awareness about Vexanium itself publicly. With that in mind, Vexanium releases a series of Blockchain Education Video through our youtube channel. The videos mainly still in Bahasa Indonesia, but we will keep updating our content to be more available globally.

Webinar Vexanium with AToken

Vexanium is back with another webinar. This time, Vexanium with Atoken discussed about Blockchain Technology For ‘New Normal’ Financial Industry via Zoom Meeting, on last Tuesday, June 30th 2020.

This webinar that is supported by Nodes Community was attended by 7 speakers from blockchain and cryptocurrency fields.

Vexanium hopes that you are always healthy and happy, we certainly hope that things will get better, especially in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency. See you on the next Highlights!

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