Vexanium Global Ambassador Program

Hi VEX Partners!

Are you excited about everything related to Vexanium Public Blockchain? Are you a loyal supporter of Vexanium?

Be part of the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem journey. Help Vexanium to grow by becoming representative of Vexanium. We are enlisting volunteers to become our Vexanium Global Ambassador.

Vexanium Ambassador is Vexanium representatives from all around the world who help Vexanium to develop communities and represent Vexanium in their country.

We hope that with this program Vexanium can be promoted more widely and more evenly to various countries globally. Vexanium Block Producers will distribute VEX to the selected ambassadors for this program.

Here is the benefit of becoming Vexanium Ambassador:

  • A reward of VEX Coin (from Vexanium block producers/validator) and other Vexanium tokens
  • You can help us remotely (just by online)
  • Be the first to test out and give feedback to new DApps (Decentralized Applications)
  • Get invited to exclusive gatherings on Vexanium event
  • The feedback and suggestion you provide will be considered as a high priority

As a Vexanium Ambassador, you can help us with (the more active the ambassador, the higher the reward):

  • Promoting any content related to the Vexanium ecosystem
  • Help new users to know more about the Vexanium ecosystem
  • Assisting to moderate Vexanium social media group and channel
  • Attend selected crypto or blockchain conference with the Vexanium team
  • Host official meetups and social networking in your local community
  • Helping out to localize content
  • Provide feedback or suggestion on matters related to Vexanium

Vexanium Ambassador basic duties:

  • Translate 1 project latest updates and other requested information into local languages.
  • Share translated articles on at least 5 forums with reasonable page views.
  • Manage and play an active role in the telegram group (or any social media platform related to Ambassadors country).

Vexanium Ambassador requirements:

  • Passionate about Vexanium
  • Have basic knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Located anywhere around the world

Vexanium Ambassador performance evaluation (reward distribution):

Every month there will be a performance evaluation to check the work of the ambassador as well as to calculate the distribution of rewards that ambassador deserves.

  1. Basic reward

The ambassador will receive basic rewards per month following the start date of becoming Vexanium Ambassador.

  1. Performance reward

There will be an additional reward for the ambassador based on performance and task completion.

* Detailed reward calculations will be offered to ambassadors when signing the ambassador collaboration contract digitally.

If you still have questions about Vexanium or this program, contact directly through Vexanium Team email: or wait no more and become a Vexanium Ambassador in your country now! 


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