Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus 2021

Based on the agreement between the Vexanium core developer team and block producers (BP), one of the other programs that will be continued for 2021 is Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus. This program, which has been running for about a year, aims to provide votes to all BPs within a certain period of time. This program is also expected to be a stimulus that can attract new BPs, as well as give appreciation to existing BPs; be it Community BP, Technical BP, and / or Stand By BP.

There are currently 21 active BP (block producers) out of a total of 116 block producers who stand by to produce blocks on the Vexanium blockchain network. There are still a few technical BPs that can improve the technical quality of the Vexanium blockchain network technology. In addition, the Vexanium Team also wants to continue to focus on education, that’s why Vexanium also invites universities and other educational institutions to join as a BP in the Vexanium network.

This program has more or less the same mechanism as before, namely the core developers of Vexanium will distribute a number of votes over a certain period of time to various BPs to push the BP ranking to the top 21 BP. What distinguishes it from the previous year’s program is the categorization of BP types that will get the distribution of votes during this program.

Existing Vexanium Block Producers – 30,000,000 Stimulus Votes 

Existing Vexanium Block Producers will get a maximum of 5,000,000 stimulus votes. Here is the detail:

Above 30,000,000 votes: 5,000,000 stimulus votes

Above 20,000,000 votes: 4,000,000 stimulus votes

Above 10,000,000 votes: 3,000,000 stimulus votes

Above 7,500,000 votes: 2,000,000 stimulus votes

Above 5,000,000 votes: 1,000,000 stimulus votes

There are a few notes about existing block producers:

  1. Existing BP needs to prepare a synchronous backup BP to its block because if the server suddenly stops producing, then the stimulus vote will be transferred directly to backup BP. If the Existing BP doesn’t have a backup BP, then the stimulus will be transferred to standby BP as an appreciation for the standby BP synchronous block (the process of transferring the stimulus vote to standby BP can take about 2 weeks to 1 month)
  2. It is prohibited to split voting (if it is still under 1 management). If there is split voting of BP then the stimulus vote given will still be given to only 1 BP. For example, X has 16 million votes, then it is split into 2, then the stimulus votes that X going to get is still 1,500,000 each

New Block Producers – 30,000,000 Stimulus Votes

New Block Producers will get 50% stimulus of its votes with a maximum of 5,000,000 stimulus votes for 1 BP. For example, X becomes a new BP with 5,000,000 Votes, then A will get 2,500,000 stimulus votes (50% of X total votes).

**Applies specifically only for new BPs not from Existing BP, so an Existing BP cannot just exit then changed its name.

Standby Block Producers – 15,000,000 Stimulus Votes (Rotating) 

Standby BP with synchronous block will be given to the top 21 BPs. It will rotate for 1-3 days to 1 week in 1 month (this motivates standby BP to remain a Backup BP and develop the infrastructure to keep the Vexanium blockchain running).

*The number of rotating stimulus vote values changes.

If an Active BP has a backup then it is possible that the Backup BP will enter into the stimulus votes backup rotation.

Media, University, Technical BP, and Community Block Producers – 15,000,000 Stimulus Votes

Every media, university. and community can become a BP. This type of BP will get stimulus votes to become Standby BP and at least be able to claim votes as Standby BP. If the BP is an active 21 BP, active in the community, and also has a media it will get additional stimulus votes

There are around 270,000,000 + 76,000,000 (REX Votes) with a total of around +/- 346,000,000 votes or approximately 33.2% VEX from circulation distributed for BP votes on the Vexanium network.

With Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus, it is expected there will be 350 million votes in a period of 3 months from now. For more information on how to join the program or other questions and for new block producers who want to make or install a BP server there is a free 3-month server package (terms and conditions apply), you can send an email to:
Telegram by PM (personal message) to @andrevexanium @satpamvexanium or @dannybaskara.

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