Pandora Box Announcement!

Hi VEX Partners,

Another interesting program from Vexanium that you could participate on is Pandora Box. By joining Pandora Box, user could take a chance to guess the exchange where VEX will be listed. Pandora BOX will start on Tuesday, 10th July 2018 21.00 GMT+7 and will end on Thursday, 12th July 2018 23.59 GMT+7.

The steps to join the program are quite simple. User only needs to sign up to and pass the KYC process then sign in to their Vexanium account and go to airdrops section. VEX will be listing on the market at the mid of July. Here are some steps you need to know to participate on Vexanium Pandora Box:

User has to guess 6 name of exchanges where VEX will be listed.
1 user only could participate 1 time.
User could guess the same exchange for the 6 exchange they guess.
If VEX only lists on 5 exchange, then you will get 1 VEX bonus for free

Here is your dashboard Pandora Box view.

Here is the gift you will get on Vexanium Pandora Box:

1 correct exchange = 1 VEX
2 correct exchange= 3 VEX
3 correct exchange= 10 VEX
4 correct exchange= 30 VEX
5 correct exchange= 50 VEX
6 correct exchange= 100 VEX

Your VEX gift will be distributed to your wallet on the first week of August.

If Vexanium detected there is any fraud, then the user will be automatically disqualified from Vexanium Pandora Box.
Vexanium reserves the right to do any policy changes of the Vexanium Pandora Box without prior notice
Make sure you already updated your ACT address and the ACT address is ACT address from KCash Wallet. The token gift will be distributed to that address.

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