How to Buy and Sell RAM on Vexanium Blockchain through Vex Wallet

Before you can buy and sell RAM, you must first have a Vexanium Account on the Blockchain. To have a Vexanium (VEX) account the first step you must first download Vex Wallet . Here’s how to Create a VEX Account in the Mobile Version of Vex Wallet.

Once you have a blockchain account, all you have to do is transfer your VEX to your account address and you are ready to trade RAM.

Following are the steps for buying and selling RAM from Vex Wallet

  1. From the Vex Wallet main view, open the [Resources]
  2. section Select [RAM]
  3. Choose [Buy RAM] or [Sell RAM]
  4. Choose Confirm

You can also see RAM charts and graphs in the Explorer section of the DApp column or via the RAM page on Vexanium Explorer

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