VexLink – Vex Wallet Lite Version

Introducing VexLink, a lighter version of Vex Wallet (lite version). VexLink has features and functions that are almost the same as Vex Wallet but one of the differences lies only in the way you use DApps on Vexanium. If usually users can immediately see a list of DApps on the DApps page of Vex Wallet, this time to ease the burden on user data, VexLink uses the DApp Browser feature to search for and use DApps on the Vexanium blockchain.

In addition, the interface of VexLink is also only slightly different from Vex Wallet, with a predominantly bright yellow color, Vex Wallet users will definitely feel familiar and not confused when switching to VexLink. This is because basically the icon locations and layouts of VexLink are intentionally made similar to Vex Wallet to make it easier for veteran users to adapt. Here is the VexLink display guide.

VexLink Interface

Wallet Name

Intended to be the name of your wallet and appear on the homepage (just like if you buy a new cell phone or have bluetooth, that’s become the name of your gadget). 

Total Assets Value

To show the total value of assets in your vex account in USD (can be made visible or censored if you press the eye button).

Send Tokens and Receive Tokens

To send VEX-based coins or tokens to fellow users who have Vex accounts. Users can also write memos to coin recipients. There is also an alternative way to receive VEX-based coins or tokens, users only need to enter the amount they want to receive, then a QR code will be generated. The sender only needs to scan the QR code to make the delivery (similar to if you want to pay for something using an e-money platform).

BP Voting

To vote on Vexanium block producers, here users can also get passive income by doing this. More details can be seen in the video here.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Resource

To buy, sell, or rent resources. As aforementioned before, NET, CPU, and RAM are the basic resources of the transaction fee for Vex Wallet. NET refers to the network bandwidth that you are permitted to use, CPU refers to the data processing power that you can use on the Vexanium network, and RAM is used to store data on the blockchain.

Change Vex Account

One wallet can store many Vex accounts, so this tool is used to switch to your other vex account. For example, if your wallet name is “Country”, then this “Country” has various Vex accounts, namely “USA”, “Germany”, and “Taiwan”.

Vex Account Address

Is the address of the Vex account, which is the primary address registered on the Vexanium blockchain. This is the same as your username, so if a user wants to send you a VEX coin or token, it will be sent to this address.

Owned Tokens

This is a list of assets you own which means VEX coins as well as VEX coin based tokens.

Assets Page

This is the main page of your assets.

News and Tutorial Page

This is a page where you can browse news and tutorials about blockchain as well as Vex Wallet. This is also the reason why this application is a one stop application, because users can also read information about the Vexanium blockchain here.

Dapps Page

This is the DApps page for using various DApps that are already on the Vexanium blockchain. If the user already has a Vex account, then there is no need to bother registering in each of his DApps. This system is the same as the concept of a Google account. 

Account and Settings

This is the page for setting up the account and the Vex Wallet application.

VexLink has not listed on Google Play yet, the method to download VexLink is slightly different from Vex Wallet. Users must download and install the APK of this application manually.

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