Vexanium Prepares For European Market

Vexanium, a blockchain-based company on voucher and loyalty program industry in Indonesia, partner with FlipNpik. FlipNpik will be Vexanium Official Partner who uses Vex Wallet & Airdrop.

FlipNpik itself is a French blockchain company on social media industry for offline businesses. FlipNpik’s mission to contribute to local economic growth and helps offline merchants to grow faster by developing an online platform where merchants could reach more potential customers. The users on this platform could also give reviews or add offline businesses around them on their FlipNpik app and they will get token as a reward that can be used to shop at merchants who cooperate with FlipNpik.

With this cooperation between Vexanium and FlipNpik, FlipNpik will use Vexanium service to distribute vouchers and to do FlipNpik airdrop tokens. This cooperation also makes FlipNpik the first European company that collaborate with Vexanium. This certainly provides a great opportunity for Vexanium to expand the business throughout Europe.

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