Vexanium Highlight Maret

Vexanium March 2020 Highlight

Hi Vex Partners and hey, we have passed March already!

March was a month full of surprises. However, it is unfortunate that the big surprise happened this month is not a pleasant one. There is an ongoing Corona Virus pandemic since mid-March, which shocked people all over the world, including Vexanium, and hampered everyone’s activities. But worry not, Vexanium still stand straight and have several good news just for you! 1st Blockchain Listing Vote Winner

1st Blockchain Listing Vote

At the beginning of March, Vexanium were able to compete with several blockchain company and won first place on 1st Blockchain Listing Vote held by Vexanium is now listed on their website. Without the help of Vex Partners who voted us, we wouldn’t be able to have this achievement.

For your information, is the largest data analytics market for blockchain applications. It is a cross-chain platform for everyone to also discover, use, and enjoy decentralized applications with ease.  After the announcement, also kindly gave out quizzes to their followers and for those who were able to answer it will be rewarded VEX.

Official Telegram Sticker Launch – Vextro

Vextro Telegram Stickers

On March 11th, Vexanium officially announced and released our own mascot stickers on Telegram. You can now download Vextro, your friendly little astronaut stickers pack here.


Decentralized Finance Facts

Vexanium made and posted several infographics related to blockchain, dapps, and of course about Vexanium, across social media platforms. These infographics is made for #eduVEXtion and also #VexFacts posts, which the aim is as a learning medium for Vex Partners out there to find out and understand more about the blockchain, specifically about Vexanium and its ecosystem.

Vexanium also made infographics related to the Corona Virus to help raise awareness on how to prevent it and to hold the spread even further.

Working from Home

Working from home

In response on Corona Virus Pandemic, Vexanium Family supports #WorkFromHome as one of the Corona Virus prevention movements. From this, our family practices physical distancing while still being socially connected. Online video meetings are our best way to keep each member up-to-date on their work as well as their conditions. We have been doing this since mid-March and will continue until the pandemic subsides.

Supporting PPE for COVID-19 Pandemic

PPE for COVID-19

Vexanium donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of face shields to help front-line fighters overcome the corona virus outbreak. We have donated these face shields to the doctors in clinics that have to deal with regional corona virus cases. Vexanium hopes to be able to make donations or raise funds again to support other PPE for medical purposes.

Thank you, March for the lesson and we hope that April will bring us much better news! See you on our next monthly highlight, Vex Partners!

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