Vexanium Highlight In May

Hi Vex Users,
May has been a busy month for us. May has taken us to some achievements on our milestone. Our participation on Blockjakarta Blockchain Conference 2018, our very first ICO 1 & ICO 2, and our roadshow to Blockchain Applications & Economics Forum 2018 at Manila has been on our May agenda. Here’s a summary of our highlight in May.
Blockjakarta Blockchain Conference 2018

We started our May by attending one of the largest blockchain conference that held in Ritz-Carlton Jakarta on 9th May 2018. There was great moment to discuss how blockchain especially Vexanium could offer a solution in voucher and loyalty program industry. Our Founder and CEO, Danny Baskara also speaking on stage by bringing ‘From Loyalty Program in Web 2.0 to the Whole New Decentralized Ecosystem World’ topic.

ICO 1st Phase and 2nd Phase
As we all know, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a very crucial moment for blockchain company since the result of the ICO could define whether the company is credible or not. We had our 1st phase and 2nd phase ICO on May and it did bring us a surprised result that lots of investor interested and trusted on Vexanium business model.

On our ICO, we offer 4 kinds source of payments. Investor could choose by using Ethereum, ACT, Bitcoin, and TEN to purchase their VEX. Investor will also get 5% Bonus when they bought 20.000 VEX and 10% bonus when they bought 100.000 VEX

There was more than 1.200 investors that participated from 15 countries and less than 24 Hour on our 1st phase ICO. Also, we got another contest that still ICO related which is still running now.

Blockchain Applications And Economic Forum 2018

We ended our May by attending Blockchain Applications And Economic Forum 2018 that held in Manila, Philippines. Our Founder and CEO, Danny Baskara also speaking on stage by bringing ‘How Transparency in Blockchain Disrupt Voucher And Loyalty Program Industry’ and ‘Revolution In Voucher And Loyalty Program Industry Using Blockchain Technology’ topics.

It’s been our pleasure to participate on this event and we also fielded lots of inquiries and discussion from token holders and blockchain enthusiasts.
Thank you for reading our jouney in May, see you on next month highlight!

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