Vexanium Monthly Highlight – February 2019

Hi VEX Partners,

It’s almost March! Which mean we will share to you Vexanium February Highlight, just in case you missed Vexanium activity this month. So what are they?

VEX Point (VP) and Premium Member Rules Changes

After running for more than 5 months, VexGift is making an adjustment and a few changes on VEX Point and Premium Member term & conditions. Here is the detail for the changes:

Vexanium 4 Cities Roadshow

As previously announced, Vexanium is having a collaboration roadshow with Coinvestasi. There are 4 cities in Indonesia for the roadshow: Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya. This event is done to meet with VEX Partners from various cities and to introduce Vexanium 2nd ecosystem, Blocksaku.

Blocksaku Preparation

Blocksaku already made some preparations for its token sale in the near future. It has introduced its ecosystem to investors in various cities in Indonesia. Blocksaku is a digital wallet of multi-chain cryptocurrency to store and manage users’ private keys for their digital assets.

Vexanium Goes to Bina Nusantara University

To be able to increase IT developer interest in Indonesia in blockchain technology. Vexanium will conduct roadshows to several well-known campuses in Indonesia, one of them which has been held is at Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) on February 26th.

LBXC Token Sale via VexGift

VexGift collaborates with Lux BIO Exchange Coin (LBXC) for Token Airdrop and Token Sale. Lux BIO Exchange is the recent cryptocurrency by blockchain development specialist who has developed TMTG. LBXC is the platform cryptocurrency for Digital BIO Exchange platform to enable BIO membership service. More info:

Blockchain Talent Scholarship 2019

To support blockchain technology curriculum making in Indonesia, Vexanium is attending Blockchain Talent Scholarship 2019, an event supported by Menkoinfo and Danny Baskara (Vexanium CEO) will attend the panel discussion. This event is attended by many programmers and IT developers in that interested in blockchain technology.

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