Vexanium April 2021 Highlight

Currently, we are entering April 2021, that’s why the Vexanium Foundation and the Vexanium block producers have been discussing the plan to improve the Vexanium ecosystem for the second quarter of this year. Not only that, there are several other activities that have been carried out to start this quarter, such as an addition of DeFi Yield Farming from the community, AMA activities and so on. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the Vexanium ecosystem this month.

Batik Finance Launch

On April 6, 2021 the Vexanium ecosystem welcomes a new DeFi Yield Farming named Batik Finance. Batik Finance is issued in the form of YFI just like Baso Finance, which means: no founders, no investors, no inflations, and all people are equal. The development team behind BATIK aims to improve the Vexanium DeFi ecological infrastructure and stimulate the profitability of the entire VEX ecosystem. BATIK (Batik Finance Token) liquidity mining pool V2 was launched on 21 April 2021.

Vexanium Program Plan for Q2 2021

On Tuesday 13 April 2021, Vexanium Foundation held a multiplatform live stream discussing Vexanium Program Plans for Q2 2021. Same as usual, there are 2 live sessions for this announcement, the first was in English for the International community and the second one is in Bahasa Indonesia for the Indonesian community! But of course, those who have missed watching this live stream can still watch it on the Vexanium Youtube channel.


On Friday, 23 April 2021 one of the representatives from the Vexanium Foundation was invited to the AMA (Ask Me Anything) program from Indodax (one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Indonesia). On this occasion, the Vexanium Foundation was given the opportunity to discuss the Vexanium blockchain in a more depth view, such as what Vexanium itself is, its name’s origin, vision and mission, to discuss some of the ecosystems that already exist in the Vexanium network. From this collaboration, Indodax plans to launch a video introduction in the form of animation about Vexanium on Indodax’s Youtube Channel.

Dapps Incentive Program 2021 Phase 1 Winners Announcement


On April 27, 2021, the technical review team from the Vexanium Foundation has selected several DApps that deserve to be winners in the Dapps Incentive Program 2021 phase 1 which was held from January 2021 to March 2021. Some of the winning DApps and smart contracts in This phase is like VexSwap, a decentralized exchange with the first automated market maker system on Vexanium, and there is also Wordstamp which is a WordPress plugin to timestamp with blockchain technology.

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Interview with Techfor.id

In April, one of the representatives from the Vexanium Foundation was also invited to the Tech Talk event organized by Techfor.id as one of the media that focuses on discussing technology. The event which was held online discussed how blockchain can influence business development and its application in fields other than financial technology.

Dapps Incentive Program 2021 Phase 2 Start


After announcing the winners, the Vexanium Foundation and the Block Producers will immediately continue the second phase of the Dapps Incentive Program starting on April 30, 2021. In this second phase the program will run until June 30, 2021 with the same conditions and systems as the previous phase.

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