Dapps Incentive Program 2021 Winners Announcement – Phase 1

In January 2021, the Vexanium Foundation and the Block Producers started the Dapps Incentive Program for 2021, which is a continuous program that has been running for more than a year. Imperceptibly, phase 1 of this program has ended and there have been several DApps and smart contracts built by the community developers on the Vexanium blockchain to be the winners for this program.

DApps and smart contracts built during the first phase of this program are entitled to receive incentives in the form of USDV which have been divided into six categories according to the complexity and innovation of the code of the DApps and smart contracts.

The following is the division of incentives per category:

Class A: 1,250 USDV
Class B: 700 USDV
Class C: 250 USDV
Class D: 125 USDV
Class E: 75 USDV
Class F: 50 USDV

The following are DApps and smart contracts that are eligible to get incentives from this program:

  1. VexSwap – Class A
  2. ForumOnChain – Class C
  3. Voting From Chain – Class C
  4. Wordstamp – Class B
  5. Hybrid Labyrinth – Class E

That’s the winners announcement for this phase. Don’t miss out on this program in its next phases!

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