Vexanium 2021 Highlight

In 2021, the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem focused 80 percent on decentralized finance (DeFi) penetration, education, and in Q4 2021 also launched several NFT projects. The following is a description of Vexanium’s journey in 2021.

Q1 (January-March)

  1. January begins with the launch of Vyndao genesis, where users can pledge Vex crypto, earn decentralized USDV tokens, and earn VYN tokens through genesis mining.
  2. Launch of beta version that allows anyone to swap tokens on vexanium blockchain.

Q2 (April-June)

  1. The DeFi era begins on the Vexanium network; starting from farming Basofinance, Batik. and BNKRI (Bitcoin NKRI). Vexanium user penetration is starting to increase.
  2. In Q2 there is also a new swap, Saladswap.

Q3 (July-September)

There are many new DeFi farms on the Vexanium blockchain, then a new swap, namely Dejaveswap, and a VEX listing on one of the world’s crypto exchanges, namely MEXC.

Q4 (October-December)

It is in Q4 that the journey of NFT has just begun; the emergence of several NFT marketplaces, namely:

  • : Premium curated NFT Marketplace, where you can get official NFT from artists and athletes in rupiah (IDR) currency,
  • : Decentralized NFT marketplace,
  • Baliola : Centralized NFT Bali art gallery,
  • The birth of ad24 exchange: decentralized swap + NFT,
  • And the birth of Trafiswap.

By 2021, the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem is growing very rapidly with the presence of many new projects from the community. Much to say, thank you Vex buddies for sticking with us this year! Let’s walk on next year and experience diving through blockchain pacific together!

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