January 2022 Highlight

Hello, Vex Buddies!

The first month of 2022 is going to an end. What’s good? May Vex Buddies’ days be filled with blessings and splendid, so does Vexanium! Thus, here are our eventful highlights in January:


Vexanium foundation continues to provide education through our programs, both those already running and those that will run in 2022. Vexanium is currently conducting a blockchain curriculum trial called the Block Development Learning Program. The goal is that materials related to the Vexanium Blockchain can be used both in existing courses and new courses in the Vocational major. Related to that, Vexanium was invited to discuss with Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI) and Forum Direktur Politeknik Negeri Indonesia (FDPNI) on January 25. Danny Baskara, as the Founder of Vexanium, explained the BDLP concept to 120 FDPNI members and was greeted with enthusiasm by the members. This can be seen from the many questions asked in the question and answer session to place this Blockchain material at every polytechnic that adds value to the existing courses.

Casual Chat with Gozali Everyday

Gozali Everyday phenomenon in mid-January made NFT increasingly well known in Indonesia. Not many people know about cryptocurrencies through this NFT phenomenon. Therefore, Vexanium invited Gozali to discuss NFT on January 27, 2022, at 9.00 PM live on Twitter Spaces. Besides Gozali, this event also invited Rhein Mahatma as the Co-Founder of Kolektibel.com and Yosano Ishaq as the Co-Founder of Rivernity to join in this event. By holding this event, we hope that Indonesian people can use NFT to introduce artistic works wisely.

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