November 2021 Highlight

This November 2021, we want to update our roadmap, this consist of what will Vexanium be focusing on in the future. With Vexanium current state, we believe that we are going on the right track, since we will expand our ecosystem to NFT Marketplace and crowdloan. Here are the highlights for November and our future project.

1. Circulating Supply (Money Flow Detail / Total Value Lock) 

Vex Coin Circulation 

Total: 1,021,821,263 VEX 

Stake for BP: 42.5% 

REX: 5.0% 

Wrapped VEX: 5.1% 

CEX: 24.1% 

DeFi: 16.0% 

DeFi AMM: 3.6% 

DeFi DEX: 0.0% 

DeFi LOAN: 3.6% 

Inflation: 0.2% 

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2. Focus on Vexanium Ecosystem 

out of many use cases, the Vexanium ecosystem consists of: 

– Yield Farming 

– Education Smart Contract Training 

– DeFi (Decentralized Finance) 

– AMM Liquidity Provider 

– Scalable Blockchain 

– Digital Identity 

– Fast TPS (3,000 Transaction per second) 

– Decentralized stable coins 

– NFT 

– Mining (block producers/validator) 

– Blockchain game 

– VEX Coin Burn 

50,000-100,000 daily transaction 

141 registered block producer 

3. NFT Marketplace (centralized) 

Kolektibel; Indonesia first curated NFT marketplace serving unique and finest collectibles in sport, culture, lifestyle, and legendary moments. While at the same time promoting commercial aspects and deeper engagement between creators/athletes/artists and consumers/fans. 

4. NFT Marketplace (decentralized) 

Rivernity stands for ‘nights on the river’, which means if we are by the river at night we can feel we are in another world like being carried away in the world of the metaverse. Creators can market their various forms of NFT. Rivernity is perfect for metaverse-based projects. 

5. Preparation Metaverse on Vexanium Blockchain (GameFi, NFTs) 

To support this, there will be an expanded supply resource CPU with a cheaper CPU rate and a new testnet chain so that it is accessible to all users. 

6. Education Program 

Until now, the promotion of blockchain training in the community is still being carried out, because we believe this education is very important, especially in Indonesia. 

7. Focus expand more stablecoins into Vexanium ecosystem 

There will be several new stablecoins, which hopefully will become new liquidities on the Vexanium Blockchain. 


New innovative approaches of Loan fundraising using protocol level on Vexanium Blockchain and there are several CROWDLOAD projects coming. 

How does it work? 

1) contribute, by simply locking your VEX during the Project Crowdloan network ownership event 

2) earn crypto rewards, Receive Projects tokens, your share of the network. The more you lock, the higher the rewards 

3) get your crypto back, in 1-1.5 years your original VEX crypto is automatically returned to you. Yes, seriously No Risk 

Crowdloan is not ICO/IEO/IDO or Fundraising Crowdfunding. Crowdloan is just a model for borrowing resources, borrowing Power Votes in the block producer process on Blockchain Coin. 

Crowdloan Process 

1) Crowdloan Voting by Committee (block producers) 

2) Crowdloan auction (2 weeks – 1.5 months) the initial month of the auction process (those who participate have not received anything, wait until the auction process is complete or if the hard cap coin is not reached, it will be refunded) 

3) token distribution in the second month, the token distribution process is similar to farming for claims, but the difference is that VEX coins cannot be withdrawn. Coin VEX vesting according to the Bonded schedule, for example, one year, the party providing the VEX power loan will get a token 

9. Design of VEXEVM 

Using Ethereum contract on Vexanium Blockchain / metamask ready

10. Block Development Learning Program

The Block Development Learning Program aims to introduce blockchain technology to Informatics Engineering students in Indonesia with the hope that it will be useful for students in the future. The BDLP program is currently underway at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) campus and has entered the stage of developing smart contracts on the Vexanium network. Besides UII, there are several other campuses that have also registered for this BDLP program.

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