October 2019 Highlight

Hi VEX Partners!

Happy Halloween! Wait the minute.. October is already over? Then it’s time for Vexanium October 2019 Highlight! It has nothing to do with October Halloween vibes indeed, so let’s check it out!

BlockTalk 2019 – Surabaya

Vexanium just completed a short roadshow in Surabaya with several exchanges, such as Indodax, Rekeningku, Gopax Indonesia, and Digitalexchange. In this four days roadshow, we are able to visit three universities and holds annual meetings with the community in Surabaya.

For more information: https://blog.vexanium.com/vexanium-surabaya-roadshow-highlight.html

Vexanium Goes to Campus – Surabaya

Vexanium has launched its first goes to campus event on 1-4 October 2019 at 3 different universities at Surabaya. With this event, Vexanium wants to introduce a new potential field to the students, which is blockchain technology.

For more information: https://blog.vexanium.com/vexanium-goes-to-campus-2019-surabaya.html

BP Showcase 2019: Vexamania

This is the first Vexanium BP Showcase, featuring Vexamania. Read the full information and offers from Vexamania here: http://bit.ly/BPVexamania

BP Showcase 2019: Arthawijaya5

This is the second Vexanium BP Showcase, featuring Arthawijaya5. Read the full information and offers from Arthawijaya5 here: http://bit.ly/BPArthawijaya5

BP Showcase 2019: Ekasepbanjar

This is the third Vexanium BP showcase for October 2019, featuring Ekasepbanjar. Read the full information and offers from Ekasepbanjar BP here: http://bit.ly/BPEkasepbanjar

Chinese Version

Vexanium 刚刚在泗水完成了简短的路演,并与Indodax,Rekeningku,Gopax Indonesia和Digitalexchange等多家交易所进行了交流。 在为期四天的路演中,我们能够参观三所大学,并与泗水社区举行年度会议。

Vexanium已于2019年10月1-4日在泗水的3所不同大学启动了首次校园活动。 通过这次活动,Vexanium希望向学生介绍一个新的潜在领域,那就是区块链技术。

区块生产者(验证者)展示,Vexanium区块链上的一些区块生产者,您可以在上看到更多的区块生产者(BP)。 http://explorer.vexanium.com

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