BP Showcase 2019: Ekasepbanjar

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Ekasepbanjar is a BP owned by a young man named Asep Ekas Somantri. Asep Ekas is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been following cryptocurrency development for a long time, starting from 2014-present. With the establishment of Ekasepbanjar, Asep Ekas intend to gather other cryptocurrency enthusiast to discuss with each other. Let’s build the Vexanium community together.


  1. Voters who voted at least 20,000 VEX to Ekasepbanjar.
  2. Voters will be given vote rewards in accordance with the number of votes given, with the following calculation.
  3. Number of your vote rewards = (total vote rewards / total votes entered) x the number of your votes.
  4. Vote rewards obtained will be calculated every day for its distribution.
  5. Voters who vote after claim reward will be counted the next day.
  6. Vote rewards will be distributed to you every Sunday at night (19.00-21.00).
  7. Vote rewards will not be distributed to you if your vote is revoked before claim reward on Sunday (your reward is forfeited for 1 week).
  8. If you want to withdraw the vote, it can be done on the Sunday after claim reward
    Management fees do not exist.

    All transactions can be tracked at explorer.vexanium.com
    Calculation of direct reward can be seen every day (transparent)


Stay tuned for the next BP Showcase!

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