November 2019 Highlight

Hi Vex Partners!

It’s hard to believe that 30 days just went by in a flash! Before we move on to a month full of joy and celebration, let’s recap what has happened within Vexanium throughout the dynamic November!

BP Showcase: Asetcryptobp

“Asetcryptobp is a Vexanium block producer that will facilitate Vexanium holders to earn passive income by voting for us. We believe that Vexanium will be adopted publicly in the near future and we want to be part of the process.” – Asetcryptobp

For more information on the promotion, check their website.

Dapps Incentive Program Phase 1

Vexanium will give prizes in the form of incentives to blockchain application developers who make Dapps using the Vexanium blockchain. This program is called Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program and it has live from November 13 until December 31, 2019.

Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program is an appreciation program for developers who create Dapps on top of the Vexanium blockchain network. This program wants to invite all blockchain developers and enthusiasts around the world to join the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem.

More information here

Nodes Blockchain Summit 2019

In collaboration with Nodes Community, Vexanium held a private conference called the Nodes Blockchain Summit at Pique Nique, West Jakarta, back in November 18, 2019. With a theme of “Powering the Future”, 12 professional speakers delivered information to educate students who are studying in the field of computer science and information technology about blockchain and its importance in the future.

This event is hoped to be a medium for these students to get to know blockchain industries, so that they are equipped to compete on an international scale. More about this event here.

AMA Session on OKEx Telegram Group

Danny Baskara, CEO of Vexanium, visited OKEx Indonesia group on telegram to explain about Vexanium ecosystem. This AMA (Ask Me Anything) session was held on November 12st 2019.

Vexanium x Honest Mining AMA Session

In order to respond to blockchain community enthusiasm and the aim to introduce Vexanium (VEX) project, Vexanium collaborated with Honest Mining for AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that was held on November 28th 2019. Honest Mining CEO, Lawrence Samantha visited Vexanium group on telegram for the first session. Meanwhile our CEO, Danny Baskara visited Honest Mining group on telegram on the second session.

More informationon Honest Mining website.

Dapps Launch: Premium Name Bidding

Vexanium has launched its latest Dapps that can rock your Vex account name on the 27th of November 2019, it’s called Premium Name Bidding. With a premium name, users can have a unique Vex account name which does not require them to follow the rules of making a regular Vex account name.

More information here

That’s all for this month and see you guys on the next Highlight!

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