BP Showcase 2019: Honest Mining

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Honest Mining

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3,425,609 VEX

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Honest Mining is one of the Vexanium Block Producer (BP) who is a delegator to create new blocks and validate blocks on the Vexanium Blockchain Network


Grow your VEX on the Honest Mining platform with simple steps and get all the benefits as follow:

  1. Only 2,000 VEX you can join and grow your VEX on Honest Mining platform.
  2. There are no maximum join seats for VEX, users can join as much as they want.
  3. The yield is 15% annually.
  4. VEX rewards are calculated daily through hourly snapshots and distributed roundly 25 hours.
  5. If you choose to un-stake, your staked balance will be credited back to the wallet after the contract of 1 reward distribution and 3 days waiting period accordance with Vexanium (VEX) protocol.
  6. Withdrawal at any time through the platform with a small fee.
  7. Please note by joining this node, you agree to our Terms of Service.

More detail?

Read here: https://honestmining.com/blog/new-coin-listing-vexanium/


For more information of Honest Mining, check here.

Stay tuned for the next BP showcase!

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