march 2022 highlight

March 2022 Highlight

Happy April, Vex buddies! March is a lively month for us. You can feel it too, right? Here are March highlights of what we’ve been up to and future projects:

  1. VEX Blast

This time, VEX Blast aims to recognize DPoS consensus and become a Vexanium blockchain Miner. Arif Atoillah as Biz Dev Vexanium, Danny Baskara as Founder of Vexanium, and the miners and block producers of Vexanium were the speakers in VEX Blast this time. This activity was carried out via Telegram voice chat @vexaniumid.

2. Legion Bridge 

With Legion Bridge, users can bridge BNB and BUSD into the Vexanium blockchain network and vice versa. Apart from BNB Chain, Legion Bridge can also be used to bridge Ethereum tokens (Erc20) or other EVM blockchains to the Vexanium blockchain network and vice versa.

Here’s how to use Legion Bridge:

  1. Open/connect Metamask or Trust Wallet
  2. Open website in Dapp browser, then connect with chain (BNB Chain)
  3. Approve BNB or BUSD contracts
  4. Fill in the VEX (Vexanium) address wallet
  5. BNB Chain assets will automatically move to the Vexanium blockchain

The Legion Bride roadmap is as follows:

Q1 2022: BNB Chain only BNB and BUSD can be bridged automatically, and then it will be continued with other BSC assets or tokens.

Q2 2022: Legion Bridge will begin to be used for Ethereum, Matic (polygon) chains, and other EVM based blockchains.

This Legion Bridge feature can be used for a limited time after its public release on March 24, 2022.

3. Kolektibel Event held an activity called “Non-fungible Event: Here, There, NFT Everywhere”, which was held online via Twitter Space @nonfungiblevent and offline at Mbloc Space, thus the event was divided into two sessions, #1 opening and NFT talk: now and future from 13.00-15.00, #2 community interaction at 15.00-21.00. In community interaction, Vexanium’s Founder, Danny Baskara, is here to talk about NFT. In addition, Vexanium also enlivened the event by setting up a booth and distributing attractive prizes for Vex Wallet users.

See more of this activity on our instagram highlights.

4. Dekaron Launch

Along with the Non-Fungible Event (NFE) by, there was also the inauguration of the collaboration between Vexanium Blockchain, KUY Token, and LYTO, which are the top game publishers in Indonesia. This collaboration resulted in a game called DEKARON.

DEKARON is the first online adventure game or MMORPG in Indonesia with a P2E (Play to Earn) system, where players can play games while making money. [ ]

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