February 2022 Highlight

This February 2022, other than updating our roadmap for future Vexanium’s focus, we also participate in an interview such as Ask Me Anything (AMA) with SpeakApp and NOBI. Here are the highlights for February and our future project.

  1. Vexanium Development Plan Q1 2022
    1) Expand Min Rewards for Block Producers Standby (add more new Block Producers – done on Feb, 7th 2022)
    2) Auto Bridge Portal to Another Blockchain (EVM Base – Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, Polygone)
    3) Automatic VEX coin burn with many VEX Ecosystem (Proposal)
  • Auto burn VEX coins from VEXSwap fees
  • Auto burn VEX coins from NFTs trade fees
  • Auto burn VEX coins from RAM storage purchase
  • VEX burns phase 4 preparation

4) Preparation new public testnet for VEX EVM
VEX EVM is a compatible blockchain. Deploy and run your Ethereum Apps using Vexanium EVM for the most popular Dapp and DeFi available today.
5) Crowdloan vote phase 1 consist: Rivernity, SpeakApp, certivago, universepad, Arcelio

Watch the full video here: IDEng

  1. AMA with SpeakApp: “New Ecosystem, New Inovation”
    Ask Me Anything (AMA) with SpeakApp was answered directly by Damos Hanggara, CEO & Founder of SpeakApp. This activity took place via Telegram voice chat @vexaniumid. This activity discusses a new ecosystem that will bring innovations in the future.
  2. AMA series NOBI x Vexanium
    In this Ask Me Anything (AMA) series, Vexanium collaborated with NOBI, with the speaker Arif Atoillah from Vexanium’s Biz Dev Manager. The AMA was divided into three sessions: 1) project introduction, 2) team discussion, and 3) free asking. This event took place on Telegram voice chat @useNOBI_ID. There were also 15,000 $VEX coins and 1,000 $WISE coins distributed as a reward pool in this event.

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