How to Transfer VEX Address Account to Other People Tutorial

Do you know that your VEX address account can be handed over to someone else? So, if you have a good or unique VEX address, you can transfer the ownership to other people (you may sell or transfer the account for free, depending on the agreement of each party).

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This ecosystem allows us to buy and sell account names in the future. There will also be a market for buying and selling account names, where you can bid for good account names to the buyers for your VEX account name.

Here is the step by step guide for transferring your VEX address account

  1. Open the desktop version of Vex Wallet (only desktop version of Vex Wallet can transfer/swap accounts).
  2. Enter the account that will be swapped, here we create a test account with the name “testswapakun.”
  3. Click [Change Permissions] on the account if you want to swap it.
  4. Search the public key account you want to transfer (click [Keys & Blockchains] then you will find the public key account you want to transfer).
  5. After getting the public key, you can click [Change Permissions] on the account that wants to be transferred.
  6. After copying the public key of the account you want to transfer, you can paste it in the active column (paste the public key of someone else’s account), then click [Confirm].
  7. Click [Allow], then your account is automatically transferred to the other account.

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