Difference between Vex Wallet and Vex Link

Vexanium is an open-source (permissionless) public blockchain protocol and smart contract platform that allows developers (startups, enterprises, and businesses) to create blockchain-based projects. As a third or latest generation blockchain protocol, the Vexanium blockchain network supports DApps (Decentralized Applications), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and many other use cases of blockchain applications. Users can create their DApps or DeFi using the Vexanium blockchain.

To be able to access DApps, a crypto wallet is required. Vexanium has its crypto wallet called Vex Wallet. Users can do various things using Vex Wallet, such as store VEX, transfer VEX, and buy or sell resources (RAM, CPU, and NET) to transact on the Vexanium blockchain. Vex Wallet allows users to set up their own VEX and use Vexanium DApps on one platform. Vex Wallet is also available in a light version called Vex Link. So, what are the different aspects between Vex Wallet and Vex Link? Here is the explanation.

Icons and Colors

Vex Wallet uses a turquoise-black color, while Vex Link uses a navy-orange color. The Vex Wallet icon looks like a wallet, while Vex Link looks like a tap card that is usually used for transactions. The similarity is the Vexanium logo on both versions is white.


On the Vex Wallet interface, there are send and receive options, while Vex Link only has transaction options. Assets in Vex Wallet are divided into two: Crypto Assets and NFT Assets. Meanwhile, the assets in Vex Link are in the Assets Details section.

DApps menu

The difference in the DApps menu aspect is the most prominent between Vex Wallet and Vex Link. At the bottom of the Vex Wallet, a DApps option will take users to the complete Vexanium DApps. While in Vex Link, users need to type in the name of the DApps they want to search for in the search field (Browser).

Node Switch

In the image below, it can be seen that the Node Switch option is only available on Vex Wallet. The Node Switch option will refer users to the http://explorer.vexanium.com and vexascan websites.

Vex Account

Users can add another Vex account in both versions, Vex Wallet and Vex Link.

Those are some of the differences between Vex Wallet and Vex Link. Even so, the performance that is served to users is still optimal! You can get Vex Wallet by downloading it on Playstore and joining the Vexanium community on Telegram to get the Vex Link download link!

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