September 2022 Highlight

Block Community Yogyakarta 2022

On September 10, Vexanium participated in the “Block Community Yogyakarta” event, one of Indonesia’s largest blockchain education gathering events. In addition to opening the booth, Danny Baskara, Founder of Vexanium, was also present as a speaker at the event. Besides being crowded with blockchain fans, the Yogyakarta Blockchain Community event was also visited by people from the government. It is an honor for us, Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, as the Deputy Minister of Trade of Indonesia was pleased to stop at the Vexanium booth. Hopefully, in the future, Vexanium can cooperate with the government in educating the public about blockchain.

Community Gathering

After participating in the Block Community Yogyakarta event, the Vexanium Team invited the Vexanium Community in Yogyakarta to meet in person (offline). In the future, this “Community Gathering” activity will be routinely held in various cities in Indonesia as a form of Vexanium’s efforts to establish good communication and accommodate the aspirations of friends in the community. We are pleased to see the enthusiasm and positive response from Vex Buddies after more than two years of not seeing each other due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indonesia Blockchain Conference 2022

On September 15, Vexanium participated in the “Indonesia Blockchain Conference”, an annual online event by the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI). In addition to opening the virtual booth, Danny Baskara, Founder of Vexanium was also present as a speaker at the event. The Indonesia Blockchain Conference was attended by more than 300 participants, including crypto enthusiasts and government parties.


After working on the Asix Connect project, Vexanium and ASIX+ are working together on an NFT Marketplace project called Pasar NFT. In developing Pasar NFT, ASIX+ is also collaborating with River Engine. This white-label business offers consulting and development services for the NFT marketplace. Pasar NFT is designed as a place for songwriters, content creators, fanbases, and content buyers to meet in the digital space and appreciate work.

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