August 2021 Highlight

USDT Wrapping to VEX

On 6 August 2021, USDT Wrapping on Vex is available on the Vex Wallet. With this, USDT owners can transfer their tokens to the Vexanium blockchain wallet. For every wrapping/bridge, users just have to write the transaction hash depending on where they want to send their USDT tokens. Each transaction must include a Memo and the Memo itself is their VEX Account Address.


AMA Session with Sarjana Crypto (Indonesian)

On 23 August 2021, Vexanium was attending the Instagram Live AMA Marathon session held by Sarjana Crypto, one of the biggest blockchain and crypto channels in Indonesia. This session was certainly discussed blockchain, especially the Vexanium blockchain. There was a giveaway with a total of 1 million Rupiah for 5 lucky participants.


How to Get Wrapped VEX (WVEX) Tutorial


Vexanium Basic Training Vol. 5 (Indonesian)

It’s been more than one month since Vexanium has not held basic training for new users. So on 25 August 2021, Vexanium Basic Training Volume 5 online was back to discuss “Learning the Vexanium Blockchain Ecosystem” via Vexanium Zoom and YouTube. There was a total Airdrop of 100 USD in the form of Vexanium-based tokens (CROWNZ, ECASH, TRAFI, BASO, USDV, RNDG, SATE, BNKRI, DJV) for the lucky participants.



From 30 August 2021 to 5 September 2021, BitZ launched a special VEX trading event called VEX BATTLE with the collaboration with Vexanium Core Developers for the users. This event will have a total prize of $3,000 for the participants. Users only need to follow the terms and conditions of this event to be able to participate, here is the complete breakdown for this event:

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