VexGift Referral Program

Hi Vex Partners,

Finally, the wait is over! We proudly announce that VexGift Referral Program will start from Wednesday, 14th November 2018. Here are some term and conditions that you need to know:

Here is the preview of your VexGift application

Please input the referral code if you register via Google or Facebook

Step 1
1. A Download VexGift from Playstore and complete the KYC process
2. A shares his referral link from VexGift application.
3. B registered herself to VexGift through the link from A and done the KYC process
4. A entitled to earn reward

– Get 200 Vex Point / New User

Step 2
1. If B that registered through the referral link become Premium Member, then A will earn another reward

– Get free 3 days of Premium Member (only applied when your friend become premium member for the first time)


Term and Condition:
– Reward will be distributed directly when the steps are all completed

How To Become Premium Member

How To Participate On Snapshot and Get More Vex Point

Download VexGift here

Read Bahasa version here

For China netizen, go to and click the download button

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