VexGift Full Launch Announcement

Hi VEX Partners,

First of all, thank you for supported and participated on our VexGift BETA Version

During these few months we already received lots of feedback from all of our users and from those feedback we are ready to launch full version of VexGift on Tuesday, 11th December 2018 so users can get the best experience when using VexGift.

Here are some improvements that you can find in our full launch version:

1. New Lucky Draw Feature
– Lucky draw will have its own category
– Lucky draw quota will be unlimited so every user can buy more than 1 lucky draw voucher
– Winners on every lucky draw will be shown on Lucky Draw Winner page

2. New Referral Reward
Referral contest will be categorized on 2 types based on the country of the referred person. It has the same procedure as the previous referral. The only changes are the reward. This reward will apply from Friday, 14th December 2018 at 15.00 GMT+7

Local (Indonesian)
New User: 100 VP
Invitee: 100 VP / new user + 2 days premium / user that become a premium

New User: 200 VP
Invitee: 200 VP / new user + 3 days premium / user that become a premium

3. VEX Token BuyBack

VEX token buyback will be held on Tuesday, 11th December 2018 starts from 15.00 – 16.00 GMT+7 by using VexGift. Here are some term and conditions that you need to know before participate on this event:

1. Vexanium team will buy VEX from users by using ETH or Indodax Voucher
2. Maximum VEX amount that each user can sell is 5000 VEX
3. Buyback price applies above the price that stated on CoinMarketCap
4. For participating on this buyback, you have to pass the KYC process and done the VEX address verification on VexGift
5. VEX address on VexGift only can verified by sending VEX from KCash Wallet
6. Users can participate on this buyback program by sending VEX from Indodax / KCash Wallet / Im Token
7. All VEX earned from this event will be allocated to Token Frozen Phase 3 (locked for 2 years)
8. Indodax voucher will be distributed maximum 1×24 hour to the e-mail that registered on VexGift
9. Refund will be distributed maxmium 3x 24 hour
* Buyback price will be announced few hours before the event

and many more!

We will strive to improve VexGift so users can feel the benefit in their daily life by holding VEX token.

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