Vexanium Token Frozen Announcement

Hi VEX Partners!

Every blockchain company that has coin/token on the market certainly wants their coin/token to be in a stable price range considering the volatility prices in the cryptocurrency industry. There are several strategies to handle the volatility such as strengthen the ecosystem of the company itself or frozen their tokens to reduce circulation of the coin/token on the market.

Token frozen is a condition where a token or coin is frozen so it cannot be used as a transaction tool for a certain period of time. So, by freezing these tokens, the value of these tokens will be stable or even increase in the future because there are only a few available tokens on the market (becoming rare tokens).

This strategy is one of Vexanium strategies where VEX earned in August-September 2018 will enter the first stage of Token Frozen. The VEX amount that will become token frozen obtained from Vexanium ecosystem such as VexGift premium feature and VEX address verification process.

Here is the total of VEX Frozen Token: 299811.3352 VEX
Address: ACTF9gcmH3JsC48GK71nLSmFECn37Nf1XAY6
The amount of token frozen above will be frozen for 2 years.

So with this token frozen, the circulation of VEX in the market can be reduced to maintain the price of VEX in the future.

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