Vexanium Highlight In September

Hi Vex Partners,

It’s time for Vexanium’s September Highlight! There are lots of achievement and improvement that we would like to share them with you. These are some of our highlights in September

Deposit Loyalty Program Phase 4
This loyalty program started on Thursday, 20th September 2018 15.00 GMT+7 and will ended on Thursday, 27th September 15.00 GMT+7. Vexanium will distribute maximum 1.480.000 VEX from total 100.000.000 VEX supply that allocated to Stock Reward Token. Stock Reward Token itself will be distributed monthly in each different campaign. Deposit, bonus and refund will be distributed maximum 3 days after hold period ends. This phase is quite different with the previous three loyalty programs. On this phase 4, you can participate on this loyalty program via VexGift application for Android user and via Bluestacks application on desktop for iPhone user. Beside that, the type of bonus that given, hold duration, and slot per user is also different.

Block Community
We participated on Block Community that held by Tokenomy and Ontology where aims this event to develop community growth and drive positive development in the blockchain space through open dialogue and collaborative session. This event was held in Mall Kasablanka, South Jakarta on 22nd September 2018 from 09.00 until finish. Vexanium’s booth w located in The Kasablanka (Curacao Room), Mall Kasablanka. Our founder and CEO (Danny Baskara) attended the panel discussion at 15.45 – 16.30 with ‘ How Blockchain Help Your Business Growing ‘ topic. It’s been an amazing experience to share our thoughts with crypto investor and enthusiasts.

During September, there are lots of new vouchers and innovations that offered on Vexanium first ecosystem, VexGift. Some of new merchants that join and distribute their voucher through VexGift are Go-Jek, Airy Rooms, Indomaret and Gramedia. Beside that, VexGift also launch Flash Deal where voucher discount from curated merchant is offered with attractive VP.

See you on our next month highlight!

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