Vexanium Highlight In October 2018

Hi Vex Partners,

Here we meet again at that time of the month where we will share with you every Vexanium achievement and improvement in October! These are some of our highlight in October.

1. Vexanium Token Frozen Announcement

Token frozen is a condition where a token or coin is frozen so it cannot be used as a transaction tool for a certain period of time. So, by freezing these tokens, the value of these tokens will be stable or even increase in the future because there are only a few available tokens on the market (becoming rare tokens). This strategy is one of Vexanium strategies where VEX earned in August-September 2018 will enter the first stage of Token Frozen. The VEX amount that will become token frozen obtained from Vexanium ecosystem such as VexGift premium feature and VEX address verification process.

Here is the total of VEX Frozen Token: 299811.3352 VEX
Address: ACTF9gcmH3JsC48GK71nLSmFECn37Nf1XAY6
The amount of token frozen above will be frozen for 2 years.

So with this token frozen, the circulation of VEX in the market can be reduced to maintain the price of VEX in the future.

2. XBlockchain Summit

We participated on XBlockchain Summit, a blockchain summit that not only will explore the broader issues of international investment; economic development; and economic stability through the lens of developments in blockchain. This event held in Inaya Putri Bali, Nusa Dua Bali on 9th-10th October 2018.
Our Founder and CEO (Danny Baskara) shared the same stage with Binance, FBG Capital, and Bit-Z on Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at 12.15 – 12.55 with ‘The Future Of Cryptocurrencies: Will They Be Accessible To The Mainstream?’ topic and also has his own session on Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at 15.55 – 16.25 with ‘The Use Of Blockchain To Power Your Customer Loyalty Program And Reward’ topic. It’s been an amazing experience to share our thoughts with crypto investor and enthusiasts.

3. Coinone Listing

VEX is available for trading on Coinone Indonesia, a family of Coinone, the top 10 largest crypto-exchange in the world starts from Friday, 19th October 2018 17.00 UTC+7 and deposit starts from Friday, 19th October 2018 15.00 UTC+7. VEX is paired with IDR. Beside that, there are cashback program for every vex partners who register and deposit VEX in Coinone Indonesia. Read more here

4. Ten.Ten Trading Contest

Vexanium collaborated with Tokenomy on Ten.Ten Trading Contest that will run for one month from October 10th 2018, 3 PM (GMT +8) to November 7th 2018, 3 PM (GMT +8). Win total pool prize of 25.000 TEN and 1 Miliion Vex! Read more here

5. Mainnet Schedule Announcement

Vexanium will start a Mainnet Project where Vexanium will become a Public blockchain that will help so many people to start developing various decentralized applications. There are a lot of public blockchains out there, Vexanium focuses on a number of things, such as speed, flexibility and penetration into the market in everyday life, because Vexanium believes that the blockchain technology must be able to solve problems in everyday life.
This Public Blockchain from Vexanium will specialize in Marketing and Retail area. Some of the things that Vexanium focus on are on speed transactions, for example, transaction speeds above 1000 TPS and supporting application development. In the early stages in 2019, Vexanium will focus on the Indonesian area, while in 2020 Vexanium will focus on projects outside Indonesia,
Vexanium blockchain testnet itself starts in January 2019 or Q1 in 2019 and the Mainnet Public Blockchain will start in Q2 (2nd quarter 2019), Vexanium will also provide its own version of the Desktop Wallet as well as a wallet in the mobile version, in the future there are also vex exchangers specializes only in tokens made on the Vexanium blockchain

6. VexGift X Lyfe

Vexanium first ecosystem, VexGift collaborated with Lyfe which is the first health gamification platform in Indonesia. VexGift and Lyfe collaborate on Lyfe Token Airdrop that started from 16th October 2018 at 13.00 GMT+7 until 22nd October 2018 at 09.00 GMT+7 and Lyfe Flash Token Sale that started from 30th October 2018 at 15.00 – 18.00 GMT+7.

See you on our next month highlight!

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