Vexanium Monthly Highlight – January 2019

Hi Vex Partners,
Here we meet again at that time of the month where we will share with you every Vexanium achievement and improvement in January! These are some of our Highlight in January.

Vexanium Mainnet Registration

As all of us know that Vexanium plans to launch its own Mainnet in Q2 2019. So, this month Vexanium opens its Mainnet registration for every Vex Partners as blockchain and crypto enthusiast that plan to start their own blockchain project and interested to use Vexanium blockchain protocol. If you haven’t registered your project yet, click here.

VEX Listing in Digifinex

VEX is available for trading on Digifinex starts from 9th January 2019 10.00 GMT+8 and deposit starts from 8th January 2019 10.00 GMT+8. VEX is paired with USDT. You could find more information by clicking here

Vexanium X Digifinex Lucky Draw Contest

To celebrate our listing in Digifinex, we hold a lucky draw contest via VexGift for every new user who doesn’t have an account at Digifinex! Don’t miss the chance to win many interesting rewards for registering an account at Digifinex by clicking this link: Our referral code is: frpeeg.
After that, put your email that you registered for Digifinex account on this form:, so we can verify it for the lucky draw. Beside that we also have 2.000.000 VEX Candy Airdrop, read more details by clicking here.

Here are the rewards list for this lucky draw contest
1st Winner : iPhone XS
2nd Winner : Apple Watch
3rd Winner : ASUS Notebook X44UA
4th Winner : Sony PS4
5th – 7th Winner : Xiaomi Redmi Pro 5
8th – 50th Winner : KFC + GO-JEK Vouchers
51st – 100th Winner : Indomaret + Alfamart Vouchers
101st – 200th Winner : Flower Advisor
201st – 250th Winner : 500 VP
251st – 300th Winner : 200 VP

This lucky draw contest started on January 8th, 2019 at 10.00 GMT+8 and end on March 8th, 2019 at 23.59 GMT+8. This is a lucky draw contest so we will draw the winners randomly at the end of this lucky draw contest. Happy trading at Digifinex Vex Partners, good luck!

Deposit Loyalty Program Phase 5

This loyalty program started on Monday, 21th January 2019 15.00 GMT+7 and will end on Monday, 28th January 15.00 GMT+7. Vexanium will distribute maximum 1.237.850 VEX from total 100.000.000 VEX supply that allocated to Stock Reward Token. Stock Reward Token itself will be distributed monthly in each different campaign. Deposit, bonus and refund will be distributed maximum 3 days after hold period ends. This phase is quite the same with the last deposit program. On this phase 5, you also can participate on this loyalty program via VexGift application for Android user and via Bluestacks application on desktop for iPhone user. The bluestacks installation tutorial can be found here. Beside that, the type of bonus that given, hold duration, and slot per user is also different.

Please note that this deposit program will use FIFO (First In First Out) where user who can secure the deposit quota is user who makes quota booking and do VEX transfer to the given address within 10 minutes. Here is the amount of deposit that applies to our Deposit Loyalty Program Phase 5. Read more here.

Vexanium attended Binance Blockchain Week

Binance is hosting its first-ever blockchain week in Singapore that focuses primarily on the sustainable growth of the blockchain ecosystem. This event is attended by more than 2000 attendees and 50 speakers. It’s a great opportunity for us to attend this event and share insights with lots of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Justin Sun (Tron CEO) & Danny Baskara (Vexanium CEO)

CZ (Binance CEO) & Danny Baskara (Vexanium CEO)

Vexanium X Coinvestasi Roadshow To Medan

Vexanium starts its 2019 roadshow by participating on Coinvestasi Roadshow. The first roadshow took place in Medan, 30th January 2019. Read more about our roadshow schedule here.

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