VEX New Exchange Listing: Bitinka — Vexanium

Hi VEX Partners,

VEX will be available for trading on Bitinka, one of the largest exchange platform from Latin America starts from Friday, 3rdAugust 2018. Deposit and trading will be open on the same time.

Bitinka itself is one of the biggest exchange platform in Latin America. Bitinka focuses on integration with FIAT currencies so it’s easier for user to do withdraw or deposit with their own traditional bank account. Bitinka allows user to buy and sell cryptocurrency using 9 different FIAT from America, Europe, and Asia such as USD, Argentine Peso, Euro, and Yuan. User could buy the cryptocurrency by using instant buy feature instead use the candle stick first. User also should pass the Bitinka KYC process first to do the trading. You could find more information here

With this cooperation between Vexanium and Bitinka, of course will bring more stability to Vexanium Coin Ecosystem and also be the answer to Vex Partners enthusiasm also Vexanium add up coin diversity in Bitinka.

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