VEX FIRST Exchange Listing: Exrates — Vexanium

Every blockchain company that already completed their ICO stage will surely jump to the stage where they should find credible exchange to list their coin. Vexanium as a blockchain company that just done their ICO decided to cooperate with Exrates, a cryptocurrency exchange platform that established in 2016.

Exrates is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where users could do cryptocurrency exchange easily and more conveniently. Exrates also has more than 1500 cryptocurrencies that already listed such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, IOT, NEM, Stellar and Monero. With lots of cryptocurrency, it makes user possible to use anti mainstream cryptocurrency like EDRCoin. Even users could change the cryptocurrency they owned to FIAT such as USD, EUR, and IDR. They also successfully hit the Top 50 Exchange in Coin Market Cap by using the Artificial Intelligence technology to attract new users so they could do the transaction in Exrates more comfortably. For more information about Exrates, you could go to

The VEX deposit will be available on Saturday, 14th July 2018 at 14.00 GMT+7 and VEX will be available for trading on Exrates at Monday, 16th July 2018 at 14.00 GMT+7. The first pair will be VEX/BTC.

With this cooperation between Vexanium and Exrates, of course will bring more stability to Vexanium Coin Ecosystem and also be the answer to Vex Partners enthusiasm also Vexanium add up coin diversity in Exrates.

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