September 2021 Highlight

Vex Wallet Total Downloads

We are happy to announce that Vex Wallet has reached over 18,000 total downloads! Through Vex Wallet, the decentralized application based on the Vexanium blockchain can be accessed with one click. Useful for daily needs. Thank you Vex Buddies for trusting us and being part of the community! Let’s continue to grow together!

Bitcoin Indonesia Channel YouTube Interview (Indonesian)

Vexanium and Bitcoin Indonesia this time had the opportunity to sit together and summarized in a 30 minute video to dissect the differences from crypto in the past until now. Danny Baskara, Founder of Vexanium, as a friend to chat with in the video also told how Vexanium stood. He also explained the direction of Vexanium’s movement based on education, with the hope that many Indonesian developers can build applications on the Vexanium public blockchain. ️

Vexanium Foundation Company Profile

Vexanium Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Vexanium blockchain and related technologies. The Vexanium blockchain is an open-source blockchain protocol for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps). Through this short video, let’s get to know more about Vexanium Foundation; the ecosystem in it, achievements and other activities!

Vexanium September 2021 Ecosystem Update

TechforID – Emerging Roles The Job Of Tomorrow (Indonesian)

On 28 September 2021, TechforID invites Danny Baskara (Founder of Vexanium) to be a speaker in the Webinar entitled “Emerging Roles The Job Of Tomorrow”. This webinar aims to provide insight to the younger generation on the field of work that implements hi-tech aspects that they will face in the future.

Coin Burn Phase 3

The Vexanium blockchain has just completed the third phase of VEX coin burn! A total of 17,519,739,0606 VEX burned in this phase came from block producers (miners) inflation, blockchain resource rental fees (REX), VexSwap swap fees (DEFI), and Vexanium core developers wallet.

Previous Burn:
Burn Phase 1 (August 25, 2020) – 40,517,723.22 VEX
Burn Phase 2 (March 21, 2021) – 35,024,670.68 VEX

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