October 2021 Highlight

Resource (RAM) Storage Upgrade

To support several new elements on the Vexanium blockchain that will be coming soon, such as:

  • NFT Marketplace,
  • GameFI,
  • Metaverse,
  • and so forth,

On October 8th, the core developers and block producers of Vexanium initiated the addition of maximum quota storage RAM. This addition will make the Vexanium blockchain more scalable, efficient, and make minting costs very cheap/affordable. By making value RAM cheaper and more affordable; it will support the NFT, Metaverse, and GameFI ecosystems which will start launching in Q4 2021.

Dapps Incentive Program 2021 – Phase 3

The third phase of this program will run from October 10 until December 31, 2021. Join the program by submitting your decentralized application(s) (Dapps) on the Vexanium blockchain network! We will give incentives for every Dapps sent with a total incentive of 5000 USDV for this third phase.

MEXC List VEX Coin

VEX coin is listed in the global crypto market through spot trading on the MEXC Global exchange. At MEXC, Vex coin is traded on the exchange in the VEX/USDT pair since October 12, 2021 at 18:00 GMT+8. Previously, VEX was officially listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, such as. Indodax, Probit, Digitalexchange and several other global crypto exchanges.

NFT Marketplace Launch – Rivernity

On October 25th, Rivernity a community-owned Decentralized NFT Marketplace that built on top of Vexanium Public blockchain launched its testnet version. Users need to use web 3.0 digital wallets like Vex Wallet to mint or purchase NFT. Users can create, buy, and sell digital art, memes, photography, music, games, Metaverse, DeFi, ETC. Rivernity will start launching the beta version estimated in 2 weeks after the testnet.

NFT Marketplace Launch – Kolektibel.com

On October 28th, another NFT Marketplace launched on the Vexanium blockchain. Kolektibel is the first curated official NFT marketplace that uses Fiat currency (IDR). The kolektibel.com (soft-launch) platform contains the best official NFT collections ranging from sports, culture, music, lifestyle to legendary moments from national athletes, artists, and so on. IBL (Indonesian Basketball League) and Indonesian basketball are the first official collections available on the collectibles and will be followed by other official collections.

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