March 2021 Highlight

March is a month that is quite hot for blockchain because of the interest of many people in a concept called NFT. In March 26, 2021, the New York Times successfully auctioned an NFT worth $ 560,000 at an auction. With increasing interest in the blockchain world, the Vexanium Team also continues to provide blockchain education through public lectures, basic training and other activities that are useful for improving the Vexanium ecosystem. Let’s take a look at the Vexanium Highlights this month.

Public Lecture at Atma Jaya University (Announcement In Indonesian)

On March 4, 2021, Rhein Mahatma as Vexanium Director of Education conducted a public lecture entitled “Getting to Know Blockchain, Bitcoin, & Cryptocurrency Disruption” organized by the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia Management Study Program. The public lecture which was conducted through Zoom is a collaboration with universities to increase students’ knowledge of blockchain technology.

Vexanium Basic Training – March 2021

The Vexanium Team together with Vexanium Block Producers held their second Vexanium Basic Training online. This training held on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 via Zoom and YouTube Vexanium. In this training, Vexanium talks about “Introduction to the Vexanium Blockchain Ecosystem: DApp, DeFi, Staking, Mining, & VexSwap”.

VEX Coin 2nd Burn Complete

Vexanium has completed the 2nd VEX Coin burn. A total of 35,024,670.6794 VEX is successfully burned as of today, 24th March 2021, on block number: 107130599. VEX coins that are burned will forever disappear (retired) from circulation and as long as it has the approval of Block Producers board members, this burning will be able to continue in the near future.

Vexanium BP Online Meeting

Vexanium held another Block Producers Online Meeting to discuss plans for the second quarter of 2021. This meeting took place on Saturday, 27 March 2021. This online meeting is held privately and start at 07.30 PM (GMT+7).

Baso Finance Farm

Baso Finance is the first yield farming (yield optimizer DeFi ecosystem) on Vexanium blockchain.
BASO is issued in the form of YFI: no founders, no investors, no inflations, and all people are equal. The development team behind BASO aims to improve the Vexanium DeFi ecological infrastructure and stimulate the profitability of the entire VEX ecosystem. Baso Farm is started on 3/31/2021 on 4AM (GMT+7).

That’s all for this month folks, see you on the next Vexanium Highlight!

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