June 2023 Highlight

Vexanium is a blockchain platform that aims to expand the adoption of blockchain technology in various industries, including companies, developers, and the general public.

One form of Vexanium’s commitment to educating the Indonesian community can be seen through various educational content on various social media platforms, as well as offline and online activities.

Here are the activities conducted by the Vexanium Foundation in June:

Colaboration with MYDIO.

On (05/06), Danny Baskara, the Founder of Vexanium, presented a memento to Indra Putra, the Founder of MYDIOtech and an Advisor to Vexanium.

Collaboration with RPM_Musik to Utilize Vexanium Blockchain

Furthermore, on (07/06), Danny Baskara visited the RPM_Musik office to collaborate on the music industry using the Vexanium blockchain protocol.


On (09/06), Danny Baskara, as the Founder of Vexanium, became a speaker at the online event “Road to HEALTHKATON 2.0” organized by BPJS KESEHATAN.

Collaboration with P2P Modal Rakyat

Vexanium Blockchain collaborates with Modal Rakyat, an official peer-to-peer lending platform regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), to provide alternative credit solutions specifically tailored for opening restaurants and cafes equipped with karaoke facilities, integrated with the Vexanium blockchain.

Video Legends Press Conference

On (27/06), the Founder of Vexanium attended the invitation-only VideoLegends.tv Press Conference event hosted by Ahmad Dhani, discussing future collaboration progress between Vexanium and Dewa Musik Group.

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