Interview with Danny Baskara: The future of marketing is happening right now in Asia

In this story, we sat down with Danny Baskara (@dannybaskara), the founder and CEO of Vexanium.
Vexanium is an innovative decentralized marketing ecosystem. By using the Vexanium platform, companies can create points in loyalty program applications in the form of digital tokens. The tokens can also be converted into coupons or points that can be used in corporate applications.
Baskara previously built and sold a well-known voucher and couponing platform EVoucher in Indoesia, which was with more than 2 million active users. 7 years later, he realized that the blockchain can solve the fundamental problems of this industry. The idea for the VEXANIUM ecosystem was born. In this interview, he shares some insights with us on marketing and blockchain.
Q: If we try to make the long answer to short, what might be really changed by technology?
A: This is very exciting time for all of us in human history, because of the technology. You see all of us are holding our smartphone right now, we can use that to do so many things. I see opportunities. I have been through three eras of the Internet revolutions, and now since 2017, it’s the blockchain.
Q: When you look forward to what the industry actually looks like in 10 years, will it actually look fundamentally different due to blockchain?
A: What’s interests me and makes me feel really excited is the technology behind the whole picture. And for me personally, it is about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin enables marketing and trust. Combine these two — and this is what we do: A decentralized marketplace for marketing ecosystem.
Q: What can you benefit with the booming trend of blockchain and bitcoin?
A: After ICO my plan is helping other ICO projects or blockchain companies to do ads campaign or airdrop like CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL and etc, and making good PR with media and having partnership with offline or big online retailer for VEX.
Q: What would make VEX competitive compared to other blockchain-based marketing companies?
A: People and product. The Co-founder Robin Jang is an IT and operations expert with over 10 years of experience in Asia. Also, we’ve brought a few industry leaders onboard as advisors, like Jason Lamuda, the Co-founder of Groupon Indonesia, and Patrick Linden, Managing partner at RVP Venture Group.
Q: Besides talents, you mentioned product. So what does VEX bring to the existing businesses?
A: The marketing scene will experience a low number of malicious ads. There are no risks of breach of consumer privacy or advertisers trust. And the best part is there are no commission fees. The distributed structure allows for the elimination of media middlemen and lets the advertising process become transparent.
Q: What kind of usage scenario could you imagine?
A: For example, a student Mike, one day he receives a VEX from Apple in his VEXANIUM app, when he is near the Apple Store in Central, Hong Kong. Through his VEXANIUM app he knows that Apple is offering a promotion to him — by using the VEX token, he will be able to enjoy 5% off a Macbook purchase.
VEXANIUM VEX token sale starts on May16th, 2018.
More information could be found at
Twitter @vexanium
Telegram @vexaniumcom

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