How to Vote BP (Block Producers) on Vexanium Blockchain Tutorial

Hi VEX Partners!

This tutorial will show you on how to vote BP (block producers) on Vexanium blockchain:

  1. You need to stake bandwidth (CPU and Net)
  2. The amount of votes that will be counted is based on your total bandwidth that you stake
  3. On the [Dapps] page, open the Vex Explorer Dapps and login to your desired VEX account to do voting
  4. Go to [Vote] page and login
  5. On the [Vote] page, enter your VEX account username and the BPs that you want to vote
  6. You can go to the BPs that you have voted for to see the latest votes
  7. Remember, voting doesn’t consume your bandwidth, so your voting on BPs is based on your bandwidth. 
  8. If you sell your bandwidth than it will also affect your voting amount.

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