How To Purchase VEX Token By Using TEN Via Indodax

Hi Vex Users,
Vexanium (VEX) token sale (ICO) week 2 has started on 23rd May 2018 at 15.00 GMT+7 until 30th May 2018 22.00 GMT+7.

You may follow the steps as below to purchase VEX token by using TEN via Indodax
1. Go to page: and login.

2. Choose “Exchange (INDODAX TEN / Tokenomy Address)” at Source column.
3. Put the amount that you want to purchase and then click submit. Make sure the amount you put there is no less than the minimum amount.

4. Here is the destination address you got to send your TEN.

5. Login to your Indodax account.
6. Click deposit / withdraw TEN.

7. Input amount of TEN that you want to purchase, destination address to send TEN that you got from Vexanium, and PIN SMS which will send to phone number that you registered on Indodax.
8. Click send.

9. The ID TX for your transaction will be sent to your e-mail
10. After you copy the ID TX, re-open the Vexanium dashboard.
11. Head to transaction section and click confirm payment.

12. Input your ID TX and click confirm.

13. Here is the view when you already confirmed your payment. Your transaction will approve 1×24 hour.

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