Vexanium Collaboration with Raharja University Progress Update

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, the Vexanium team attended the signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in collaboration with Raharja University regarding Blockchain-based Education Projects in the Business Incubator Section of Raharja University, Tangerang.

The main form of this collaboration is that the Vexanium team will support Raharja University to produce reliable programmers, especially in the blockchain field.

As an initial step in this collaboration, a research paper has been published in the form of a journal regarding this Blockchain-Based Education Project by Raharja University. In this research, it was conveyed that the development and improvement of blockchain technology knowledge plays an important role in students’ creative economic activities in the future.

Until now, the block developer learning program has been run regularly, so it has entered the 5th meeting out of a total of 14 meetings. With a total of 18 students who participate exclusively in this program, it is hoped that this can become the basic support for these students to be able to create programs based on blockchain technology.

“The role of technology in students’ creative economic activities is very important. With the Blockchain-Based Education Project, it can make it easier for students to develop and improve knowledge in blockchain technology. ” wrote the Research Team from the University of Raharja.

The targeted scientific journals are Scopus indexed journals which are planned to be published in early 2020. Planned publications for 2020 or other national and international scientific journals.

In addition, the collaboration in the Blockchain-Based Education Project is also a form of support for a local government program, which is the Independent Campus Program. This is the first step to initiating the development of a blockchain technology curriculum for computer science students and the like.

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