Benefit and T&C of Vex Point and Premium Member On VexGift Application

Hi Vex Partners,

VexGift BETA version is launched and can be used for all Vex Holders since the end of August 2018. One of the main features of VexGift is snapshot where you can get Vex Point by holding VEX in your digital wallet. Vex Point can be redeemed to various vouchers from our curated merchant dan with other digital asset. Here is the explanation of snapshot that you need to know when using VexGift application.

How to participate on VexGift snapshot:
1. Register your VEX address from digital wallet (KCash Wallet) on VexGift
2. You can earned Vex Point when your initial balance got into snapshot phase 3 (S3)
3. Before you got into snapshot phase 3, you need to pass 2 phase of snapshot
4. If your balance on S3 is changed then the Vex Point that you earned will also changed.

with explanations as below:

How snapshot works:
1.Snapshot happens every 12 hours (12.00 AM and 12.00 PM).
2.Snapshot has 3 phases: S1, S2, and S3.
2.User will pass a phase on every snapshot.
3.User will earn Vex Point when they have passed 2 phase on snapshot (S1 & S2) and their initial balance has entered the phase 3 (S3).
4.If there are any changes on S3 balance, the Vex Point that user get will also change.
5.Maximum VEX amount on S3 that will be detected on snapshot is 500.000 VEX.
6.Maximum VP amount that user could get is 2500 VP / day with maximum 1250 VP / snapshot.

Here is the video explanation about snapshot:

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