Announcing the “Vexanium Referral Contest”

Vexanium Competition Starts Today 🏆
Hi guys,
Vexanium ICO is going strong right now. But first of all, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who have participated in our VEX token sale. We have more than 1,200 participants from 15 countries have joined our ICO Batch 1. Thank you guys!

As our VEX community continues to grow and we prepare to reach out to an even greater number of supporters. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to announce the “Vexanium Referral Contest” today. The contest will have 3 categories:

1.Main Category ( Top referral)
Refer your friends for a chance to win 120,000 VEX (worth 1800 USD! ). The more you refer, the more you earn.
1st winner: 120,000 VEX
2nd winner: 80,000 VEX
3rd winner: 60,000 VEX
4th winner: 35,000 VEX
5th-10th winner: 15,000 VEX
Winner will be chosen based on the amount of VEX token that they can get from their referrals. We will choose the one who gets the largest amount as our top winner.

2. Favorite Category
For those who’ve already referred your friends and haven’t been part of the main category, you’ll be enrolled into this category automatically. We will choose the most creative user in promoting Vexanium.
1st favorite: 35,000 VEX
2nd favorite: 25,000 VEX
3rd favorite: 15,000 VEX
4th favorite: 10,000 VEX
5th favorite: 6,000 VEX
6th-10th favorite: 3,000 VEX
Here are some explanations you need to know about this category:
The first step. Create creative photo or video with topic Together With Vexanium or your exploration about Vexanium. This creative photo or video could tell about your togetherness with your loved ones. Do not forget to input Vexanium logo or your Vexanium yel yel.
The second step. Create caption as creative as you could, upload to your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) with hashtag #TogetherWithVexanium and tag us @ Vexanium.
The third step. Follow our social media account at Vexanium (facebook, youtube, instagram).
Here are the examples:

Looking forward for your cooperation. Thank you!
3. Lucky Draw
We will have 30 lucky draw winners who can win 300 VEX token each – if you refer your friends to purchase VEX successfully.
This referral contest will end after the ICO is finished.
Distribution of the referral token or gift token will be distributed 1 month after VEX token is listed on the exchange.
This contest could extended anytime
** All the decisions are made by the Vexanium committee and can’t be changed.

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