October 2022 Highlight

Panel Discussion & C-Space Inauguration

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, Danny Baskara as Founder of Vexanium was present as a panelist at the panel discussion event organized by Starcamp. The event raised the theme of the Scalable Business Model, which became a place to exchange ideas about the importance of implementing a scalable business model in a business.

Vex Blast

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, Vexanium held a Vex Blast with the theme “Knowing, Vexanium” via voice chat on the Telegram channel @vexaniumid (Vexanium Indonesia). Vex Blast is an online discussion forum packaged in a relaxed and interesting way to discuss topics around blockchain. The event is expected to be a medium of communication and education between the Vexanium team and Vex Buddies in the community.

Raharja University Digital Business Class

Vexanium’s commitment to continue educating the Indonesian people about Blockchain Technology continues. The Vexanium team will fill out material on Blockchain Demo in the Decentralized Storage course at Raharja University on October 6, 2022. Previously, the Blockchain course in the Block Development Blockchain Program series had been tested at Raharja University and received positive responses from all students who took the class. 


Vexanium as the first and only blockchain in Indonesia was invited to attend the “CRYPTALK 2022” crypto asset education seminar organized by the Digital Asset Committee at The Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta (Tuesday, October 18, 2022).

The 37th Trade Expo Indonesia

On Wednesday, October 19, 2022, Danny Baskara as Founder of Vexanium was present as a panelist at The 37th Trade Expo Indonesia event organized by the Ministry of Trade.

IAJ Talks 2022

On Friday, October 21, 2022, Danny Baskara as Founder of Vexanium was invited to be a speaker at the IAJ Talks event with the theme “Blockchain Technology and Its Benefits” held by the German Alumni Association at Starcamp C-Space.

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